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NNU Professor Jian Shen's Team Won a Gold Medal at the IBIX 2020

The "Key Biocompatible Technology for Materials and Its Application" project developed by Professor Jian Shen, director of the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Biomedical Functional Materials, was recommended by the China Invention Association and selected by the IBIX jury composed of international peer experts, to receive a Gold Award at the International British Innovation, Invention, and Technology Expo (IBIX) 2020. This is the first time that a team from NNU has won this award.

The award-winning project of Professor Jian Shen's team consisted of constructing a zwitterionic structure on the surface of medical metal, nonmetal inorganic or organic polymer materials respectively to effectively control the surface morphology and grafting density of the materials, so as to prepare the biomaterials with excellent biocompatibility, which can then be used for anti-infection, anti-biological adhesion, an anticoagulant, anti-tissue proliferation and controlled drug release. This project has enabled Jiangsu Province to produce high-end plant/interventional medical devices instead of having to import them. 

As a result of the global pandemic the IBIX 2020, hosted by the Association of British Inventors and Innovators (ABII), was held online instead of in person from August 8 to October 31, 2020. The exhibition focused on robotics, information technology, agriculture, biotechnology, environment, medical care, science and technology development, and more than 690 projects from 35 countries and regions participated. The IBIX jury discussed and evaluated the projects from six aspects: creativity, innovation, concept originality, R & D potential, commercialization feasibility, and the value brought to the field and society. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were awarded to the winning works. It was reported that a total of 20 projects received Gold Awards.