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Campus Life


Taxi: 11 yuan for the first 3km or 2km, which is depend on the type of taxi.

Bus: Bus No.3, 6, 20, 78, 91, 132, 302 and 303 can be taken near Suiyuan campus. It will cost you 2 yuan. If you want to go to the other two campuses, take bus No.20 and change to Bus No.70 at the stop of Beijing East Road•Mount Jiuhua. Get off at Bancang for Zijin Campus or at Yadong New District for Xianlin Campus.

Metro: Depends on the distance, at least 2 yuan. The website of Nanjing Metro is


Bicycle: A bicycle is a convenient tool for city travel. Do not ride an electricity bicycle over the speed limit. You can also use public bicycles. As of November 2, 2016, with 52 thousand bicycles operating from 1,509 stations, it plans to expand to 80 thousand bicycles by 2020.

Car & Motor Bicycle: You can drive in the mainland of China only if you have a formal license issued by the traffic authorities in China. It is illegal to drive without a Chinese license. If a foreigner has a traffic accident in China, it will be handled according to the Chinese laws. There were too many accidents caused by international students riding motorcycles, so we suggest that students do not ride motorcycles.

Shuttle: A shuttle can also be taken to the other campuses which will cost you 4 yuan every time. Those who have classes in the above-mentioned campus can apply for a monthly school bus card, which will cost 150 yuan each month.